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Kristen Yoder “BS Detector” Talks Cannabis Advising & Industry BS

With over 12 years in the industry Kristen Yoder is the self-proclaimed BS detector for the cannabis industry. Hear what she has to say in this exclusive interview with NEO420. 

1 thought on “Kristen Yoder “BS Detector” Talks Cannabis Advising & Industry BS

  1. Great discussion!! Kristen,this is my first time tuning in to you talks! I am a Doctor of Pharmacy working on specializing in the field of Cannabis. Currently just learning all I can, networking and trying to determine the role I would like to play within the industry and how I can use my knowledge to contribute to and shape the field. I know about pharmacy, but no one ever taught us about business strategies or integrating practice into a brand new/barely legal/illegal area of practie. I totally appreciate your candor and perspective on the industry and it’s encouraging to see a strong young women leading the industry!! I really enjoyed this podcase and looking forward to tuning in for your other podcosts. Cheers!

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