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Founder | Investor | Business Development

A southern gentlemen whose heritage spans Worldwide with Native American, Polish, Irish and Mexican roots. Growing up Georgian, raised on a small farm with the best of them – chickens, horses, rabbits, goats, and a garden of vegetation delights, fruits and vegetables alike. Truly blessed with an abundance of all that is nature in the picturesque beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. My appreciation for these magnificent glories only grows with every waking day.

After completing High School, I attended the University and studied Business Integrated Systems where I acclaimed and acquainted myself with the happening of the green movement in environmental responsible systems. With the determination to foster a better recycling system and promote recycling awareness, I started my own recycling business where I used the old technology of agricultural oils as fuel for vehicles, before biodiesel was ever known.

Many of my working-hours were spent on community development projects as well as true sustainable business development by transforming waste to renewable energy. My aim and passion was to revolutionize the recycling and renewable energy systems as we knew them, by education and by implementing the processes that I shaped and formed with the creativity of my willingness to make a difference.

Everything was set in motion and I was on the right track to see the success of my new found creation of sustainable development be introduced to local communities. This path quickly changed when I encountered a serious work accident that forced me to use Pharma (Pharmaceutical Drug) which my liver rejected. My body was fine but I needed a different medicine to relieve and release the pain and mental anguish of the accident. That’s when I decide to take a trip to Oregon to visit a long-time friend that introduced me to RSO. The RSO helped me tremendously, and as I recovered from my ailments a new passion arose, a need to help others understand the benefits of the Green Plant.

As I became more familiar with Oregon I started networking with people in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. I was fascinated by the miraculous medical wonders of the Green Plant and I began to do more research on its abilities. As my knowledge, experiences and networking circles grew, so did my eagerness to help businesses in the industry become compliant in the recreational market. Word got around of my enthusiastic flair to assist in the Industry, and with my new found knowledge of its medical capabilities and the demand for my services to assist with compliance, I formed a Consulting Company that provides the Industry with equipment, supplies and overall business operations.

With all that I did there was still something missing, how to showcase the “New” cannabis and hemp industries. Then one night after appreciating some great Kush medicine I had an epiphany and a new door was opened wide, NEO420 came to life.

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Co-Founder | CTO | Creative Director

Cam is a Military Veteran with a diverse background ranging from audio engineering, architectural design and software development.  Cam journey into the cannabis industry was influenced by awareness and location. After heavy traveling during most of his childhood, then making a decision to leave the military in 2014, Cam settled in the NW where the emerging cannabis industry was just beginning to awake.  His fascination by cannabis & hemp was discovered while witnessing the medical benefits for anxiety, depression and PTSD after leaving the military, and seeing the medicinal power through some of his friends and family. Cam has wrote many papers on the benefits of using hemp as an alternative to many agricultural solutions and materials such as concrete, plastic, and paper. Through NEO420, Cameron hopes to spread awareness about the “planet-saving” crop, that could also help humanity. Most importantly, Cam has a vision of seeing justice served to wrongfully convicted minorities in America during the years of prohibition.

“NEO420 gives me the opportunity to channel all of my creative abilities into something I believe could change the world.”

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