Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program



Who can participate?

All businesses within the cannabis & hemp industries are welcome to sponsor us! Here are a few types of businesses we would like to work with.

Brands, Cannabis & Hemp Financing, CBD Companies, Garden Supplies, Cannabis & Hemp Farms, Medical Clinics, Business Consultancy, Law Firms, Hardware Goods, Design Agencies, Testing Labs and many more.


Choose a sponsorship: 

  1. Home Page Logo: (bottom of home page – ex. neo420.com$50/mo for 3+ months
  2. Side Bar: (seen on shop, talks, and garden page – ex. neo420.com/talks) $30/mo for 3+ months
  3. News Page Slider: (1 slide position from our 6 sliders – ex. neo420.com/news) $25/mo for 3+ months
  4. Add on – Side Bar Slider (1 slide on Side Bar slider – ex. neo420.com/talks) $10/mo for 3+ months. requires sponsorship 1, 2, or 3.


  •  A. Sponsorship 1 & 2 : $75/mo for 3 months


**Backlinks to NEO420.COM are greatly appreciated**


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